It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia




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1 Scenes from the Original Pilot - "Charlie Has Cancer" NO REVIEWS YET   2 Scenes from the Original Pilot - "Mac Meets Carmen" 3 Sunny Side Up Making-Of Featurette 4 Kaitlin Audition Featurette 5 The Gang Fucks Up Outtakes 6 Fox Movie Channel presents Making A Scene 7 Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom Commentary 8 Hundred Dollar Baby Commentary 9 Sunny Side Up Volume 2 Making-Of Featurette 10 Meet the McPoyles Featurette 11 Dancing Guy Featurette 12 Gag Reel 13 Season 3 TV Spots 14 Easter Egg Featurette 15 Blooper Reel 16 The Nightman Cometh Live Performance 17 Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life 18 Blu-ray Disclaimer 19 The Gang's Dating Profiles 20 Kitten Mittens Endless Loop 21 23793 Photos in 5 Minutes - Schwep Dream Sequences Montage 22 Deleted and Extended Scenes 23 Blooper Reel 24 "Lethal Weapon 5" Extended Cut 25 Dennis and Dee's Podcasts - Terrorists 26 Dennis and Dee's Podcasts - Serial Killers 27 Dennis and Dee's Podcasts - Border Patrol 28 Blooper Reel 29 Deleted and Extended Scenes 30 Legal Advice with Jack Kelly 31 Artemis Tours Philadelphia 32 Blooper Reel 33 The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore Commentary 34 The Anti-Social Network Commentary 35 The Gang Gets Trapped Commentary 36 The High School Reunion Part 2 Commentary 37 Lady House: The Lost Premiere 38 Frank Reynolds' How to Be a Warthog 39 Fat Mac: In Memoriam 40 Deleted Scenes 41 Gag Reel 42 Pop-Pop The Final Solution Commentary 43 The Gang Recycles Their Trash Commentary 44 The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre Commentary 45 Charlie's Mom has Cancer Commentary 46 Every Damn Take of Charlie's Theme Song 47 Lethal Weapon 6 Director's Cut 48 Gag Reel 49 The Movement Promo 50 Sweet Dee's Comedy Reel 51 The Invigaron Presentation 52 The Gang Does 100 Episodes 53 Transition Promo 54 The Gang Broke Dee Commentary 55 The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award Commentary 56 The Gang Saves the Day Commentary 57 Gag Reel

Scenes from the Original Pilot - "Charlie Has Cancer"

1 of 2 scenes from the original pilot. Released with Season 01-02 disc set.


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